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26 Aug

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Hello World!

Even webpage of the Farmhouse Štiftar saw daily light. Welcome to our site. We hope that the content is interesting, but still … the best thing would be to come to us and see all the beauty in person.

Well, plenty of thrillson our website! 🙂 See you!

The Logarska Valley is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys, which cuts into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the north. It is a pearl one must see.

Take a bicycle trip on the beautiful panoramic path or go all the way to the beautiful Logarska Valley. And beyond. Bicycles for children, mountain bikes for the adults, baby seats and helmets. We have them all!

A fantasy Land of Dwarfs located in the immediate vicinity of the Štiftar Farmhouse will bring that carefree smile of a child on your face, which persists no matter what.

We rent out picnic area for a picnics, birthday parties or any other event important for you. There is nothing like fresh air. And we have plenty of it. As well as the swings, ducks, a mill and the murmuring Savinja!